Lukas Joley | Level Designer

Interstellar Marines

Trailer| Zero Point Software | Early Access Launch July 2 2013

From autumn 2014 until early 2015, I had an internship at Zero Point Software, working on the Early Access tactical FPS Interstellar Marines.
My main responsibilities covered level layouting and lighting, and enemy patrol route designs. I was one of two full time level designers in the team of 12 working on the game.

Responsibilies & Contributions

  • Design on The NeuroGen Incident
    I joined the studio during development of Update 13, which introduced Coop mode and the first Coop map, The NeuroGen Incident. I receieved responsibility of the lab section of the map, and set up level logic and layouting for this section.
  • Design and lighting on Assault on Starcrown Aerospace
    In Update 16, we introduced a second campaign Coop map, called Assault on Starcrown Aerospace. On this map, I created the terrain surrounding the base as well as some of the interiors inside the base. I was also responsible for propping and lighting of the entire map.
  • Elimination and Survival mode
    For Update 14 and 15, we added two coop "Challenge Modes" to certain pre-existing maps in the game; Elimination, where you are tasked with defeating all enemies on the map, and Survival, where you must reach a number of checkpoints on the map before extracting. For these updates, I added enemies and logic to four maps.
  • Design on Tutorial map
    I designed layouts and lit parts of the Tutorial map added in Update 17.